The Art of Indigo Shibori

Unique, one-of-a-kind clothing, interiors and textiles designed and created in Montana




Shibori and Indigo


Shibori comes from the Japanese verb root, shiboru, to wring, squeeze, press.  Perhaps more easily understood as shaped-resist dyeing.  Shibori techniques work with fabric in three dimensional forms, folding, twisting, wrapping, crumpling and more, producing unique, one-of-a-kind patterns. -- Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada.

In Shibori, fabrics are folded, twisted, wrapped, stitched or crumpled then immersed in a special indigo dye which produces endless, one-of-a-kind patterns. Although a wide variety of colors are often used in Shirbori, indigo is considered to be the most traditional.  Indigo dyed fabrics can be found around the world as it is often used in many ancient and contemporary traditions. With a long and noble history it is also valued as a color representing intuition, perception, and the higher mind.


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